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Corporate & General Business

Neuman & Katz provides a broad range of business services to small and medium-sized Baltimore-area businesses, from start-up to mature enterprises, including advice and transactional services.

We serve as general corporate counsel to a variety of companies in Maryland and have guided businesses through formation, maturation, and sale. We work to maximize the efficiencies that lie at the intersection between estate planning and business law by helping business owners devise succession and asset protection plans for their companies.

We act as counsel on a large variety of issues, including:

• Corporate structure: forming domestic and foreign corporations, limited liability companies, general and limited partnerships and all forms of joint ventures.

• Corporate agreements: negotiating and preparing sales and distribution agreements, asset and stock purchase agreements, mergers and other combinations and reorganizations.

• Internal agreements: preparing shareholder, management, employment, consulting, stock option, and other internal agreements.

• Succession Planning: offering international tax advice on corporate succession planning.

• Finance: drafting, reviewing and negotiating loans and corporate and business financing transactions.

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