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Neuman & Katz was founded with one focus in mind. You – the Client. Practicing in the areas of Corporate, Real Estate, & Estate Planning, the lawyers at Neuman & Katz pride themselves on the high level of personal service that they offer. In addition to regular business hours, Neuman & Katz offers evening and weekend hours to best serve the varied needs and schedules of our clients. Michael and Judah strive to maintain the “small firm” warm environment while ensuring that our clients obtain “big law” results.
In today’s ever evolving legal world, it is important to have a lawyer on your side who can help you navigate the complex and sometimes difficult legal aspects of daily life. Having an attorney whom you can trust is paramount to a good attorney-client relationship. At Neuman & Katz, we not only ensure that our attorneys stay on the cutting edge of new developments in the legal world, but we maintain the highest levels of professionalism to ensure that all of our clients don’t just feel like a client, but they feel like part of the Neuman & Katz family.

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